How do Routers, Switches, and Hubs work

The video will show you how these 3 devices work. A router, a switch and a hub.

How to setup Huawei HG-633 VDSL modem for Airtel broadband

Once you have configured your DNS settings and clicked the Submit button, we highly suggest that you flush your DNS resolver cache and web browser caches to ensure that your new DNS configuration settings take immediate effect.

How to unpack, install, connect, and power on a CE12800 series switch

How to configure Huawei HG630 V2

The video will show you how to hide SSID, change password, how to know your static IP and to how process Port Forwarding.

How to configure VLAN’s & Trunks on Huawei Switches

This video is presenting how to configure VLAN’s & trunks on Huawei switches. A trunk interface often connects to a switch, router, AP, or voice terminal that can receive and send tagged and untagged frames simultaneously. It allows tagged frames from multiple VLANs and untagged frames from only one VLAN called native vlan. The video…

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